What are bridal photos and do we need them?

I highly recommend bridal photos for all of my couples! The fun thing about them? There is no 'RIGHT' way to do it. You paid so much for your dress and suit, you mind as well get pictures of you in them in a GORGEOUS location. Your wedding will no doubt be beautiful and we will definitely make sure to get photos of the two of you on the day of.... BUT getting pictures taken at a jaw dropping location will give you an excuse to hang up pictures of the two of you on every wall! Here are 2 different options when considering when to take your bridal photos!

  1. Before the wedding- Some couples will use this moment to do a 'first look', read vows to one another, and then spend the rest of the time taking couples and individual photos. I love this idea because it makes 'that moment' a lot more intimate.
  2. After the wedding- If you are wanting to see your bride for the first time in her wedding dress as she is walking down the isle, then this option is the best option! Plus it just gives you an excuse to put on your wedding attire again!

Might I add.... These photos don't have to be in Utah? Want to travel? My bags are already packed!

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